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Learn effective permaculture marketing skills to amplify your impact & make a real, sustainable living.

Morag speaking

Do you need help promoting your permaculture business or offering — especially in this age of digital communication? 

Join the Share Permaculture marketing course and gain expert guidance from global permaculture ambassador Morag Gamble and other leaders.

In this 12 part series you’ll learn storytelling, branding, website design, social media, podcasting, online events, graphic design, PR and more – always with a permaculture focus.

All 12 classes are available immediately in this self-paced program.

    This program includes:

    12 online classes with accompanying tutorials.

    Presentations hosted by leading marketing experts

    Challenges to help you generate new ideas

    Share Permaculture marketing course

    Get your permaculture stories out into the world

    The Share Permaculture marketing course is led by award-winning teacher and designer, Morag Gamble, who founded the Permaculture Education Institute.

    I have drawn on three decades of permaculture experience to personally design this program for thought-leaders, [pr]activists, doers and those wanting to share widely about permaculture or make a living in permaculture.

    In my 25 years as a global permaculture ambassador, I’ve spent thousands of hours and dollars learning how to effectively share my story.

    To make it quicker and easier for you, I’ve gathered my knowledge, lined up key experts and bundled these practical skills into a rolling year-long program.

    These skills are kind of like a collection of wonderfully hardy perennial seedlings that you can plant and grow quickly to help your project or business find deep roots and strong branches.

    Inside Share Permaculture, you have exclusive access to a series of 12 classes with associated tutorials. Work at your own pace and pick the topics you need to focus first. You’ll also get handouts, worksheets and project ideas.

    It’s these exact skills and tools that have helped me become a globally recognised permaculture voice and gain media coverage in magazines and publications across the world.

    I warmly invite you to join practical program for a wonderful collection of learning how to share permaculture — to make a difference and a living both locally and globally.

    Together, with a permaculture focus and ethic, we will deep dive each month into a different way of sharing permaculture…

    • YouTubing
    • Podcasting
    • Social media tools
    • Graphic design
    • Finding your story
    • Creating your brand
    • PR & traditional media
    • Writing effectively
    • Website design
    • Blogging
    • Running online events
    • LAnd more!
    Morag teaching students

    Workshop topics

    • 1 – DIY Graphic Design with Canva
    • 2 – How to Start Your Permaculture YouTube Channel
    • 3 – How to Create a Permaculture blog
    • 4 – How to Host an Online Permaculture Event
    • 5 – Branding Your Permaculture Business
    • 6 – Organising Your Social Media
    • 7 – How to Get Your Story into Mainstream Media
    • 8 – How to Start a Podcast
    • 9 – Finding & Sharing Your Story
    • 10 – Website Design 101
    • 11 – Getting Writing
    • 12 – Developing Your Communications Strategy

    Fair Share scholarships for refugees & youth

    Our Institute tithes funds to our partnered charity, Ethos Foundation, to support permaculture projects globally. We practice what we teach and embrace permaculture’s Fair Share ethic by offering scholarship places to women and young people in the majority world — to those who would never have the chance to access a course like this due to economic disparity. We also support indigenous students, refugees and displaced peoples.

    “The world needs to hear more permaculture stories. I want your permaculture enterprise or project to thrive and be part of the positive change the world needs.”

    ~ Morag Gamble
    Founder & Permaculture Teacher

    Morag at her computer, working on permaculture marketing to promote her business.

    Learn skills to make a living doing what you love

    For almost three decades, I’ve generated almost my entire income from permaculture-related education, projects and design.

    That’s aside from a few years as a part-time food politics lecturer at university when my kids were little, a year as an graduate environmental officer in State Government, and some time working a tutor in my teens (flute, saxophone, maths and physics yep, physics!).

    I know the skills we are bringing together here in Share Permaculture are the ‘difference that will make a difference’ in your permaculture program or project.

    These skills will help you to make a real living doing what you love, with permaculture at the core.

    Morag teaching students

    What you get when you sign up

    Morag and Maia speak at the World Environment Day Festival
    • A very warm welcome!
    • Your program delivered to your digital device, wherever you are in the world.
    • Ideas and strategies to market your permaculture project, courses or organisation in a permaculture-friendly way.
    • Lifetime access to the course content.
    • Your permaculture business promoted through the Permaculture Education Institute’s network.
    • A friendly online global learning community to discuss ideas.

    About your lead teacher: Morag Gamble

    “I discovered permaculture more than 30 years ago, in my teens. It felt like an immediate natural fit — a way to care for earth and people and to create ripples of positivity in the world. For me, permaculture is a positive life purpose.”

    Morag is a global ambassador for the permaculture movement:

      • She holds a Masters in Sustainability Education and a Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture.
      • She was directly accredited as a permaculture teacher by Bill Mollison (co-founder of permaculture).
      • Everything she teaches, she has tried herself. She lives a permaculture life within a subtropical eco-village in Queensland, Australia.
      • Morag works with elders and youth in permaculture globally via the Permayouth and Ethos Foundation non-profits she established.
      • She amplifies the voices of global permaculture thinkers and educators via her own weekly podcast and YouTube channel.
      • Morag has taught at universities, schools, eco-centres, villages, urban farms, community centres and farms around the world, and lectured for years in Food Politics.
      • Morag is a certified Warm Data Host with the non-profit International Bateson Institute.
      • Morag has taught permaculture for almost 30 years and always has dirt under her fingernails!
      Morag Gamble with Vandana Shiva

      With Vandana Shiva

      Morag with happy students

      With two program graduates

      Morag Gamble with Costa

      With Gardening Australia’s Costa

      Morag Gamble with David Holmgren

      With David Holmgren

      Morag Gamble with Rowe Morrow

      With Rosemary Morrow

      Morag Gamble at a speaking event

      At a major speaking event

      Morag Gamble with Nora Bateson

      With Nora Bateson

      Morag teaching a group of people

      Teaching happy students

      Start telling your story in places and ways that many more people can hear, bringing more attention to your work, and supporting your ethical permaculture business.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long does each session take to complete?

      Each class is one hour in duration.

      Do I need to have a permaculture business already running?

      Not necessarily. The Share Permaculture marketing course will give you skills to promote any project or income-generating venture. You might apply this to an existing offering you are currently running, or skill yourself up before launching to help ensure success.

      These skills are also transferrable to businesses or ventures that aren’t directly related to permaculture. Upon completion, you will know how to ethically and sustainably market any business.

      Will I have direct contact with Morag Gamble?

      Yes. Morag leads workshops and takes a keen interest in how everyone is going so encourages you to participate in the group discussions, to share ideas and questions.

      Are scholarships available?

      We do offer scholarships for community leaders and youth living in the Global South. Please contact us to discuss.

      Morag’s teaching & work has been featured in…

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      ABC Radio National
      Gardening Australia
      Futuresteading podcast
      Pip Magazine
      The Age newspaper
      Organic Gardener Magazine
      Good Weekend magazine
      The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper
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