Writing Prize

Permayouth Writing Prize (1).png

Share your story for the world

Ages 10 – 20

Up to 3000 words

Fiction or non-fiction

Theme – ‘Balance’

Winners published in an anthology & shared through our network

Closing date – 1st of December

The Permayouth Writing Prize is open!

Balance – the dynamic & rhythmic sway between day & night, drought & flood, community & individual…

How can you express this in words?

Well, try your hand at sharing your story of balance for & with the world.

The categories you can enter into are:

  • Fiction (short stories, flash fiction) – no poetry though, we’re saving that for another prize

  • Non-fiction (essays, opinion pieces, memoirs)

One entry per person, so make it good!

The winners of this competition will have their stories published in an anthology & shared around the Permayouth and permaculture network.

The announcements of the winners and the anthology will be shared as soon as possible after the closing date of the prize.

We’re looking forward to reading all of your entries and good luck!