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Permaculture Teacher Certificate

Learn how to become an effective permaculture teacher, and start making a career and livelihood out of your permaculture knowledge.

Morag Gamble and Rowe Morrow
  • Gain an internationally recognised permaculture qualification
  • Learn how to develop class curriculum and engage students
  • Understand permaculture business planning, ethical marketing and legal matters
  • Learn from Morag Gamble, who has 30+ years' experience

Have you ever considered becoming a permaculture teacher — to make a living and to spark positive change for your community, your children and our planet? Join Morag Gamble’s new global online course and gain all the practical skills, tools and knowledge to start teaching permaculture.

The 5-week global online Permaculture Teacher Certificate opens for bookings once a year. Our 2024 class will be held from September 30 to October 28.

Earlybird price — sign up before July 31st & save $400!

Payment plans available!

      HOW IT WORKS: Become a permaculture teacher in just 5 weeks

      This live and interactive 5-week program starts September 30. Complete all projects and participate actively, and you can graduate as a qualified permaculture teacher on October 28.

      Weekly live classes with Morag — via Zoom every Monday from September 30 to October 28, 4pm-6pm (AEST)

      Weekly practical tutorials — via Zoom every Wednesday from September 30 to October 28, 4pm-5pm (AEST)

      Lifetime access to course content and resources, plus replays of all classes and tutorials.

      Complete your teaching project and attend 80% of sessions to gain your Permaculture Teacher Certificate

      This course has a pre-requisite study requirement. You must already have completed a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC), or be a current student of Morag Gamble’s PDC.

      Included as special bonus in Permaculture Educators Program PLUS bundle.

      Teach permaculture

      Learn alongside global permaculture ambassador Morag Gamble, who has taught thousands of educators across the world

      This internationally-recognised PTC is your chance to learn live and direct with Morag Gamble, who has 30+ years of practical permaculture experience and is the founder of the Permaculture Education Institute of Australia.

      Morag was personally approved as a teacher by permaculture co-founder Bill Mollison and has since taught permaculture educators on six continents, across 22 countries. 

      Plus, by studying with Morag, you’re opening the door to real career in permaculture!

      All Permaculture Teacher Certificate graduates get discounted access to Morag’s Permaculture Educators Program, so you can support others to design permaculture gardens, farms and systems.

      Inside your Permaculture Teachers Certificate:

      WEEK 1: Introducing permaculture teaching

      • What is permaculture education?
      • Reasons for being a permaculture teacher.
      • Applying permaculture principles and ethics in permaculture education.
      • Identifying opportunities for permaculture teachers.
      • Embodying earth care in permaculture education.
      • Thinking like an ecosystem — eco-literacy, systems thinking, non-violent communication.
      • Growing your local permaculture education ecosystem.

      WEEK 2: Developing permaculture programs

      • Setting goals for your permaculture education program.
      • Identifying learner and local needs for the permaculture program.
      • Designing a permaculture program from patterns to details.
      • Developing relevant curriculum and adapting for local contexts
      • Creating lesson plans and activity guides

      WEEK 3: Teaching permaculture 

      • Understanding learning and teaching methods.
      • Diverse of modes of learner-centred education.
      • Developing your natural & authentic style of permaculture teaching.
      • How, when and why to use different teaching methods.
      • Filling your teaching toolbox with a range of strategies for teaching different topics.
      • Understanding activity design to localise teaching relevance.
      • Finding your stories
      • Troubleshooting logistics, budgeting and finding learners.

      WEEK 4: People Care in permaculture teaching

      • People care through appropriate language and leadership.
      • Creating a nourishing learning environment.
      • Cultivating thriving learning communities.
      • Learner care, team care and self care.
      • Teaching permaculture beyond your bioregion.
      • Permaculture education with refugees.
      • Permaculture as appropriate technology.
      • Permaculture mentoring and crowd-funding.
      • Global digital learning possibilities

      WEEK 5: Permaculture education teach-in 

      • Sharing your permaculture education programs.
      • Practice teaching sessions.
      • Reflective practices as a permaculture educator


      • Resource lists and handouts to further your learning.
      • Dedicated course chat forum, where you can connect with fellow students and ask question of Morag and her team.
      • Lifetime access to all course notes and resources.

      Join this sprint program and get qualified in 5 weeks

      Get the skills you need to teach permaculture.

      Need help deciding if this program is right for you? Book a free 15-minute chat with Morag Gamble — founder, lead teacher and Permaculture Education Institute director.

      The need for adaptable and skilled permaculture educators is rapidly growing around the world.

      Become a leader in the positive and practical movement to address climate and biodiversity crises.

      Permaculture is a great way of life and such a fabulous feeling to be of positive service to people and the planet. Every day, you know your efforts are not only enhancing people’s health and lifestyles, but you are contributing to planetary health too.

      The call for permaculture-skilled people is growing around the world in a whole range of contexts — and it’s only going to get bigger.

      This course has been specifically designed to help you become a confident permaculture teacher, and apply permaculture education principles and practices to whatever your chosen career might be.

      It’s an intensive, five-week deep dive into the world of teaching permaculture.

      Together, we’ll explore a wide range of practical skills, tools and knowledge that will help you to design and deliver amazing permaculture programs that fit your community, your skill set and create a profitable living for you, too.

      Early bird price — sign up before July 31st to save $400!

      30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Safe & Secure Payment

      Payment options and carda

      About our 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

      We know things can change, and we respect that. If you enrol and find within the first 7 days that you can’t continue or the course is not to your liking, we will happily give you a full refund. We want you to enjoy the course and to be able to create the lifestyle and livelihood you dream of. So, if for any reason you don’t think this is a perfect fit for you, just let us know.

      Fair Share scholarships for refugees & youth

      Our Institute tithes funds to our partnered charity, Ethos Foundation, to support permaculture projects globally. We practice what we teach and embrace permaculture’s Fair Share ethic by offering scholarship places to women and young people in the majority world — to those who would never have the chance to access a course like this due to economic disparity. We also support indigenous students, refugees and displaced peoples.

      What our students say:

      Permaculture Educators Program graduate Jo Anne Coruna
      5 stars

      “Morag’s gentle and encouraging teaching style is inspiring and motivating. The way Morag brings people together from all over the world truly makes interconnections among us stronger and more meaningful.”


      Paul Cobbin, Permaculture Education Institute graduate
      5 stars

      “Thoroughly enjoying the exploration of thoughts and ideas that are not a part of my daily life. You’ve opened up an entirely different world. Thanks for having such an impact on humanity, for making us challenge our paradigms.”


      Permaculture Educators Program graduate Lizzy Smith
      5 stars

      The step-by-step structure of the course helps build confidence and gives you plenty of practice opportunities within a supportive community.”


      About your lead teacher: Morag Gamble

      “I discovered permaculture more than 30 years ago, in my teens. It felt like an immediate natural fit — a way to care for earth and people and to create ripples of positivity in the world. For me, permaculture is a positive life purpose.”

      Morag is a global ambassador for the permaculture movement:

        • She holds a Masters in Sustainability Education and a Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture.
        • She was directly accredited as a permaculture teacher by Bill Mollison (co-founder of permaculture).
        • Everything she teaches, she has tried herself. She lives a permaculture life within a subtropical eco-village in Queensland, Australia.
        • Morag works with elders and youth in permaculture globally via the Permayouth and Ethos Foundation non-profits she established.
        • She amplifies the voices of global permaculture thinkers and educators via her own weekly podcast and YouTube channel.
        • Morag has taught at universities, schools, eco-centres, villages, urban farms, community centres and farms around the world, and lectured for years in Food Politics.
        • Morag is a certified Warm Data Host with the non-profit International Bateson Institute.
        • Morag has taught permaculture for almost 30 years and always has dirt under her fingernails!
        Morag Gamble with Vandana Shiva

        With Vandana Shiva

        Morag with happy students

        With two program graduates

        Morag Gamble with Costa

        With Gardening Australia’s Costa

        Morag Gamble with David Holmgren

        With David Holmgren

        Morag Gamble with Rowe Morrow

        With Rosemary Morrow

        Morag Gamble at a speaking event

        At a major speaking event

        Morag Gamble with Nora Bateson

        With Nora Bateson

        Morag teaching a group of people

        Teaching happy students

        Graduate Tessa Zundel talks about her course experience (3 mins)

        Plus: a pathway to making permaculture both your lifestyle AND your livelihood

        Ever dreamed of making a real living through permaculture? By studying with Morag Gamble, you’re opening the door to a possible career in permaculture!

        All Permaculture Design Certificate graduates get exclusive access to Morag’s Permaculture Teacher Certificate, so you can support others to design permaculture gardens, farms and systems.

        Simply enrol within 12 months of starting your PDC to access the Permaculture Teachers Certificate course for $1,697. This is an exclusive offer, only available to PDC graduates.

        Or get both courses immediatley by signing up to the full Permaculture Educators Programa bundled double-course, which includes the Permaculture Design Certificate AND the Permaculture Teacher Certificate — for $2,997 (you save $697).

        Morag teaching students

        Still have questions? Book a discovery call with Morag.

        Course fee — $1,697 AUD  $1,297 AUD

        Fortnightly payment plans available.

        Payment options and carda

        30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Safe & Secure Payment

        This live and interactive course opens for bookings once a year — next class starts September 30, 2024. Or explore our ‘start-anytime’ bundled Permaculture Educators Program.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Does this course certify me as a permaculture teacher?

        This course follows an internationally recognised Permaculture Teachers Certificate curriculum (PTC). You will be recognised as a permaculture teacher after completing this training, and become part of the Institute’s alumni members.

        How long does the course take to complete?

        The Permaculture Teachers Certificate has 5 modules delivered weekly. You have lifetime access to these materials.

        Or, upgrade to the bundled double-certificate Permaculture Educators Program and receive 44 modules delivered weekly, plus access to our Hive global permaculture community and unlimited access to all resources.

        Will I have direct contact with Morag Gamble?

        Yes. Morag will be leading live classes every week, and will communicate directly with students via the dedicated course chat.

        Lots of others also respond to questions and comments. This is a really wonderful learning community. The more you lean in, the more you will learn and feel connected.

        What assessments do I need to complete to gain certification?

        You will need to submit your final teaching project to fully complete your Permaculture Teachers Certificate. This is designed to help you practically apply the knowledge you have learned during the course.

        Can I get a discount?

        Early bird discounts of $400 available until July 31st. Also to assist you in paying for this course, we offer a fortnightly payment plan. See details here.

        Are scholarships available?

        We do offer scholarships for community leaders and youth living in the global south. Please contact us to discuss.

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