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Fairy Houses

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If any of you have met me, you will know that I am a magic-believin’, dragon-ridin’, tree-talkin’, fairy-findin’, mushroom-ring-dancin’ little fantasy freak.

This article is about building fairy houses. I’ll be going through some of the tips and suggestions to building an awesome fairy house.

But first, why do fairies need houses?

Fairies need somewhere to sleep and if you did all the stuff fairies must do, you wouldn’t have time to heave heavy twigs around to build a house. Building fairy houses is my way of saying thank you to fairies for everything they do.

Where do I build one?

Fairy houses should be built anywhere there is nature… If there are trees outside your house on the pavement, in your garden, in the park down the road, in the rocks at the beach… ANYWHERE!

You can even make fairy houses indoors using wax and twine and then put it in the window to catch the eye of a passing fairy!

What do I make them out of?

When building fairy houses, it’s vital that you only use natural and non living materials – fallen leaves, twigs and bark that you find on the ground is great!

Shells, dried flowers and feathers for decorations also work well. Please don’t pull leaves off plants, pick flowers, or use any artificial human things.

How do I start?

Easy! Simply find a forked pair of roots, a nice rock, a hollow log, a tree branch… and go crazy!

If you want to make fairy furniture, use wax and twine to stick the pieces together to make chairs, tables and beds!

If you want more information on fairy house building please let me know – another article is planned.

I hope you enjoy this and a fairy uses your beautiful home.

Thanks for reading!

– By Ellenie Kirkman


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