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Gnomes in Domes

by | March 16, 2021 | Permayouth | 0 comments

Hello, my name is Ellenie, I’m fourteen years old and live in The Domes, an incredible earthbrick house.

The “Gnomes” (my family of four humans, Beth, Kim, Jo and myself, seven chickens, four ducks, about twenty-two quail, three goats and all the fairies & gnomes who we share our land with), live on 1.5 acres of beautiful land in Crystal Waters Ecovillage.

We are trying to tread lightly, by keeping mini animals, our goats for example are miniatures which means that they eat a THIRD of what standard goats eat!

We are trying to grow our own food in small intensive spaces, as well as raising animals (my big passion).

I am going to attempt to write weekly articles updating everybody out there about our mini lives!

By Ellenie Faith


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