Teaching permaculture teachers

Founded by Morag Gamble, our Institute teaches you how to design abundant permaculture systems, become an excellent permaculture teacher, and start your own permaculture enterprise.

Our mission

To raise awareness of permaculture education because it makes a tangible difference in people’s everyday lives. We want to help all households and communities to live a one-planet-life, and provide opportunities for young people to be part of a practical revolution.

Our founder: Morag Gamble

Permaculture Education Institute founder Morag Gamble

Morag is a global leader of the permaculture movement for change.

An award-winning teacher and designer, Morag has almost three decades of permaculture education experience. Since founding the Permaculture Education Institute, she has helped transform the lives of thousands of students across six continents.

She also leads Ethos Foundation, has a global following via her popular Our Permaculture Life YouTube channel and blog, and is a podcaster, filmmaker, magazine contributor and writer.

Our global team

Permaculture Education Institute founder Morag Gamble

From Australia to Uganda, our small team facilitates a global learning community.

Behind the scenes of our Institute is a small yet incredibly hard-working team of permaculture thinkers, writers, coordinators and doers.

Our team also collaborates widely with a number of leading permaculture and climate action groups across the globe.

Our impact

We train thousands of people globally via in-depth courses, free resources and scholarships for refugees — weaving transformational permaculture thinking and practice into the personal and professional.

people in the Global South and refugee camps sponsored to receive free locally-led permaculture education

permaculture teachers and leaders trained each year, all over the globe

planet is all we have — we aim to myceliate much-needed positive change

Study permaculture

Permaculture is a way of designing one-planet ways of living, working and connecting — helping restore planetary and human health while building robustness to face the challenges of our changing world.