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Join global permaculture ambassador Morag Gamble in podcast conversation with leading ecological thinkers, activists, authors, designers and practitioners.

Sense-Making in a Changing World

This podcast explores ‘what now’ — what thinking do we need to navigate a positive and regenerative way forward; what does a thriving one-planet way of life look like; where should we putting our energy.

In this changing world and in challenging times, we offer these voices of clarity and common sense.

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Living Democracy with Tim Hollo and Morag Gamble

Living Democracy with Tim Hollo and Morag Gamble

Welcome to this episode Sense-Making in a Changing World with Tim Hollo, author, musician, climate activist, community leader, Director of the The Green Institute Founder of Green Music, catalyst of so many community initiatives, AND currently a Greens candidate for the seat of Canberra in our current Federal Election.

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