Morag Gamble, founder & global permaculture ambassador

An award-winning permaculture teacher and designer, Morag Gamble is founder of the Permaculture Education Institute and has led programs in 22 countries. She is an international leader of the permaculture movement for change.

Inspiring a permaculture way of life

For more than 30 years, Morag has led permaculture programs across six continents. She has collaborated with top minds across the globe, taught in communities and universities worldwide, and inspired millions to join the practical permaculture revolution.

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“Permaculture is a practical and positive way of designing, thinking, living and gardening with abundance and care.”

— Morag Gamble

Morag Gamble is an acclaimed teacher, presenter, author, blogger, filmmaker, designer and educator

In all of her work, Morag explores how we can live more peacefully and simply so that we may thrive together on this beautiful blue planet.

Morag and her family live within an award-winning Australian permaculture education garden within a United Nations-recognised permaculture eco-village. She works with city farmers, school farmers, community gardeners and educators.

Morag is the founder of the Permaculture Education Institute with students on 6 continents, and the Executive Director of Ethos Foundation, a small charity helping provide free permaculture education in East Africa, and co-founder of Permayouth.

She sees the direct social and ecological impact of industrial farming on marginalised farming communities around the world — in Indonesia, India and East Africa.

Her YouTube channel, Our Permaculture Life and Our Permaculture Life blog have both been accessed around 10 million times. She invites fascinating guests to her podcast, Sense-Making in a Changing World, each week.

And she’s a regular contributor to Pip Magazine, penned chapters for Permaculture Pioneers and Reclaiming the Urban Commons, and wrote Brisbane City Council’s Urban Agriculture Report.

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Morag Gamble with Vandana Shiva

With Vandana Shiva

Morag Gamble with Costa

With Gardening Australia’s Costa

Morag Gamble with Rowe Morrow

With Rosemary Morrow

Morag Gamble with Nora Bateson

With Nora Bateson

Morag Gamble with David Holmgren

With David Holmgren

Morag with happy students

With two program graduates

Morag’s mission

“I’m raising awareness of permaculture education because it makes a tangible difference in people’s everyday lives. I want to help all households and communities to live a one-planet-life, and provide opportunities for young people to be part of a practical revolution. I’m motivated by the climate emergency, social justice and rapid species extinction.

“I am motivated to teach teachers about permaculture and help ripple out a new generation of permaculture teachers around the world, particularly within the emerging generation and with people whose daily lives are impacted by climate change.”

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Morag inspires millions each year by sharing her lifetime of permaculture knowledge via free videos, podcasts and articles.

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Sense-Making in a Changing World podcast

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Explore Morag Gamble’s courses

Design and TEACH Permaculture with Morag Gamble

Morag has created the first-ever online permaculture teaching program in the world. Her Permaculture Educators Program is the ONLY place you can earn internationally-recognised permaculture design and teaching certificates together, at the same time.

She also facilitates numerous other permaculture courses.

“I discovered permaculture more than 30 years ago, in my teens. It felt like an immediate natural fit — a way to care for earth and people, and to create ripples of positivity in the world. For me, permaculture is a positive life purpose.”

— Morag Gamble

A lifetime dedicated to sustainable living

Morag has woven permaculture thinking into everything she does the design of her work, house, garden and even her children’s education.

Morag’s work and life are totally interwoven through the connecting fabric of permaculture. She is an expert and advocate for community gardens and food systems, ecovillage living, permaculture education, school gardens and creating a permaculture livelihood.

Morag has travelled the world to study with leading ecological thinkers and teachers, to learn with women elders, traditional communities, activists and scientists, to explore sustainable living in action, and to look deeply at new ways of education and communication.

This informal and in-depth education in the world has given her deep insights to advise leaders, communities and government on living a sustainable life.

Among her colourful CV of life, Morag started Northey Street City Farm in Brisbane with friends and the Australian City Farm and Community Garden Network (now known as Community Gardens Australia), then school gardens, university gardens and later her own award-winning permaculture property in the subtropical Queensland ecovillage where she lives with her family today, Crystal Waters.

She has been invited to teach at leading ecological education centres such as Schumacher College, Torri Superiore, The Farm, Findhorn, Damanhur, Centre of Alternative Technology, UCBerkeley, Center for Ecoliteracy, The Green University and many more. Morag has lectured in Food Politics and introduced many students to permaculture.

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Morag Gamble’s qualifications

Permaculture Design Certificate

Registered permaculture teacher with Bill Mollison (co-founder of permaculture)

Bachelor of Environmental Planning & Design

Post-Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture, focusing on eco-design

Masters in Sustainability Education, focusing on permaculture education

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