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Morag Gamble in her abundant permaculture garden

Permaculture is more than just an approach to gardening — it’s a local solution to global needs.

And with the right training, permaculture can become your livelihood as well as your way of life.

Morag Gamble in her abundant permaculture garden

Study permaculture with Morag Gamble

Design and Teach Permaculture with Morag Gamble

Permaculture Educators Program

Our flagship online program 

Do you dream of making a real living through permaculture? Are you ready to make permaculture both your lifestyle and your livelihood?

Join Morag Gamble and study your Permaculture Design Certificate and Permaculture Teacher Certificate together, at the same time, in this bundled online program.

It’s the ONLY way to earn two internationally-recognised design and teaching certificates, at the same time.

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You can also study permaculture online with us in multiple other ways— including via our Intro to Permaculture Course, Permaculture Design Certificate, Permaculture Teachers Certificate, marketing workshops, short gardening courses and more!

Permaculture Educators Course graduate Jo Anne C

“I’m so glad I learned permaculture under Morag’s mentorship and guidance. Her gentle and encouraging teaching style is inspiring and motivating. The way Morag brings people together from all over the world truly makes interconnections among us stronger and more meaningful.”

— Jo Anne C⁠
Permaculture Education Institute graduate

Free permaculture resources

Our founder Morag Gamble shares her lifetime of permaculture knowledge via free videos, podcasts and articles to inspire you.

Morag Gamble and her family - Our Permaculture Life

Our Permaculture Life YouTube channel

Join more than 100,000 subscribers learning practical, hands-on skills via videos filmed in Morag’s thriving permaculture garden.


Our Permaculture Life with Morag Gamble

Our Permaculture Life blog articles

Browse hundreds of useful permaculture articles and how-to guides created by Morag over the past decade.


Morag at computer, preparing a free permaculture masterclass

Free monthly Permaculture Masterclasses

During deep-dive masterclasses, Morag unpacks a specific permaculture topic as requested by our Institute’s followers.


Upcoming events

Join our Film Club, monthly Masterclasses and more. Scroll through below to view what’s coming up or view our full calendar.

International Permaculture Festival of Ideas

An 8-day online festival featuring 32 inspiring speakers from 6 continents. Join us for this free inaugural event, hosted by Permaculture Education Institute founder Morag Gamble.


PERMACULTURE FILM CLUB: Strawbale Dream Home & The Rubbish Trip

We are screening two short films by Happen Films. Strawbale Dream Home and The Rubbish Trip. The films offer inspiration and encouragement to all of us, no matter where we are on our journey

Permaculture Educators Program

Would you love to teach permaculture, design thriving edible landscapes, grow abundance, create a permaculture business – make it your lifestyle & livelihood – and be part of the global permaculture movement for positive change?

We’ve bundled together these courses in a holistic, dynamic online program and welcome you to join us on this journey.

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Permaculture podcast

Join Morag in conversation with leading ecological thinkers, activists, authors, designers and practitioners. Subscribe here.

Our reach

Morag is a global leader of the permaculture movement for change, whose writings, masterclasses and podcasts inspire millions each year.

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Who we are

The Permaculture Education Institute was founded by Morag Gamble, a global leader of the permaculture movement for change.

From our headquarters in an eco-village in Queensland, Australia, we teach thousands of students worldwide how to design locally appropriate ways of living, working and connecting — to restore planetary and human health.

Our permaculture non-profits

Our Institute leads two global non-profits and covers all their admin costs, so 100% of your donations go directly to local programs.

Ethos Foundation permaculture charity

Ethos Foundation

Free permaculture and gardening education for refugees, youth and women in East Africa.


PermaYouth members speaking at a public meeting


A global network of teenagers using permaculture to spark positive change within their communities.


Morag has been featured in

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Our awards

We are thrilled that our permaculture and advocacy work has been recognised with multiple prestigious awards over the years.

Our Institute

  • Shortlisted for the 2023 Lush Spring Prize Influence Award

Morag Gamble

  • Griffith University Teaching Excellence Award
  • Glossies Edible Landscape Award

Ethos Foundation

  • Rwamwanja Rural Foundation — winner of the Lush Spring Prize
  • Permayouth Northern Uganda — winner of the Youth in Permaculture Prize


  • 2021 Hildur Jackson Award
  • Finalists in the 2021 Lush Spring Prize Influence Award

    Become a permaculture teacher

    Permaculture is a sustainable system for designing one-planet ways of living, working and connecting — ready to learn how to apply permaculture to your livelihood as well as your way of life?

    Paul Cobbin, Permaculture Education Institute graduate

    “My time with the Permaculture Education Institute not only improved my gardening skills, but was also an incredible lightbulb moment that has reshaped my future. I’ve found my direction and calling for the second half of my life. And I’m loving it.”

    — Paul C⁠obbin
    Permaculture Education Institute graduate

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