Denver Urban Gardens with Linda Appel Lipsius

by | November 22, 2023 | Permaculture Podcast, Uncategorized

Join me for the 4th episode in our 2023 Urban Agriculture Month series for a deep-dive into the workings of Denver Urban Gardens with executive director, Linda Appel Lipsius.

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Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) began as a grassroots movement in the late 70s – when a neighbourhood came together to create a space for local women to grow their own food. Now DUG oversees more than 200 community gardens over 34 acres in Denver, including 60 school based community gardens and 19 food forests – impacting tens of thousands of local people.

Linda is working to amplify the robust role that community gardens and food forests can play as critical infrastructure for thriving cities.

Linda and most of her team are certified in permaculture & we discuss how permaculture is transforming the community gardens in Denver.

We also delved into how social barriers and the recently declared epidemic of loneliness can be healed with community gardening.

I had a wonderful time discussing these topics with Linda, I hope you enjoy listening!

Check out DUG’s model of city-wide community gardening at and get involved in your local community garden to learn more.


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