Permaculture Herstory with Robyn Francis

by | December 06, 2023 | Permaculture Podcast

In this episode, I’m delighted to welcome Robyn Francis – my friend and true permaculture legend. Robyn has been a part of the permaculture movement since the very beginning, working closely with Bill Mollison, and is a leading international permaculture educator. She’s initiated many projects around the world such as Djanbung Gardens, the accredited permaculture design training process, Jarlanbah Ecovillage and the Permaculture International magazine. When I was just starting out as a permaculture designer, I attended a number of workshops at her place!

Tune in on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Youtube and any of your preferred podcast platforms to listen to Robyn’s story, the herstory of permaculture. Listen to her insights on the process, reflections and hopes for the future of permaculture. This conversation is mix of stories of the beginnings of permaculture and a practical look at how you can get accredited as a permaculture designer and educator. There’s plenty to learn from this episode!

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