Permaculture Music with Charlie MGee & Morag Gamble

by | October 11, 2023 | Permaculture Podcast | 0 comments

This episode, I catch up with Charlie MGee in my lounge room to chat about his latest album, Microbiome, and his journey into permaculture songwriting!

Charlie is not only an amazing  permaculturalist, but also a pedagogic creative, educator award winning, songwriter extraordinaire, and a genius of sharing permaculture with the world through his music – both as a solo artist and with his band, the Formidable Vegetable Sound System.

My family has been listening to Charlie’s songs for years – if you haven’t heard his permaculture/dance mix/jazz/funk style yet, I highly recommend you check out his tunes!

As well as performing at major music festivals around the world, Charlie has collaborated with a range of Australian musicians like Family Shoveller Band (as mentioned in the episode). Check out his fantastic TEDx talk and follow along on Youtube and Instagram.

You can support Charlie and his band on Patreon or join their mailing list!

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