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In this episode of Sense-Making in a Changing World, it is my delight to welcome Willow Berzin – a wonderfully creative designer, thinker, founder & chief assembler of the Coalition of Everyone – bringing positive community change. Through this, she brings people together to hold conversations that renew trust, disrupt the politics of fear, and build a politics of hope. Her key focus is on contributing to regeneration through designing pathways for transition and real systems change – deep democracy which puts people and the planet first.

I’ve been watching Willow’s work for a long time and we haven’t actually met, we’ve spoken numerous times, and we are on various groups together! Even though Willow is in my hometown of Melbourne, we’ve not actually met, but I’m so delighted that she joins me on the podcast to talk about the work that she does. It’s the work that needs to be done. Essentially what Willow is trying to do, is to create a space for really challenging conversations to be had. That way we can create the conditions for change, and disrupting them in a way that enables people to get involved. To help shape the kind of future that we all want to have. So there are so many different parts of this juicy conversation, that I really enjoyed having with Willow.

Willow spent nearly 20 years working as a creative director in building brands, services, and products. Willow was in the startup space for nearly 10 years and gathered all of these tools. Willow was always frustrated with the outcome, she worked for big brands and big agencies. Willow met amazing people, but it was never anything that really mattered. Willow’s personal concern is, we are all a growing concern for the trajectory of humanity and our children, it is terrifying. It’s like, hang on, we’ve got to join this up. But, somehow it became, there’s a gap, what, there’s a gap and why aren’t we using democracy better to help us through this time to make better decisions together?

Willow and I are both a part of Regenerative Songlines Australia and she is a core member of Regen Melbourne inspired by Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics.

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Watch Episode 38 with Willow and Morag:

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