Foraging, Nature and Permaculture with Helen Lehndorf

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Tune into this conversation as part of the International Women’s Day Series with Helen Lehndorf as we share our deep relationship with nature – finding connection and empowerment in the edible landscape around us.

We explore the practice of foraging and the concept of home as a sense of nourishment and connection with the land, discussing the journey of becoming ecologically conscious and the importance of being immersed in nature, in the city or the country.

This episode a must listen for anyone searching for a deeper connection to place.

As a published author of books like ‘A Forager’s Life‘, Helen has a beautiful way of emphasising humans’ reciprocal relationship with plants and the wisdom of plant tending. She also highlights the significance of hyperlocal food systems and the power of food commons and radical reciprocity.

This conversation also touches on the intersection of permaculture and motherhood, the importance of social permaculture, and the practice of writing and nature journaling.

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I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which I live and work – the Gubbi Gubbi people. And I pay my respects to their elders past present and emerging.


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