Activating Your Local Food Community with Helena Norberg-Hodge

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Activating Your Local Food Community masterclass

Join me — Permaculture Education Institute founder Morag Gamble — and Helena Norberg-Hodge of Local Futures and World Localisation Day for this free one-hour masterclass exploring how you can activate a local food community.

In this masterclass, I ask Helena:

  • What is World Localization Day and why do you largely focus on food localization?
  • How do you describe a local food community?
  • What inspired and motivated you to see this as a key action for bring about positive change?
  • Why do we need to localise our food community and economy?
  • How have you started local food community projects and what are some of the examples you’ve been involved in starting?
  • What are some of the lessons and insights you’ve learnt in getting robust, resilient, long lasting and impactful food system change?
  • Where do you encourage people to place their energy in activating their own local food economy?
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Together, let’s look at ways to activate your local food community, and why. We’ll explore very practical and positive ways to create positive change locally, simultaneously creating big picture activism — acting locally and globally at the same time.


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