5 Simple Ways to Compost ‘In-Situ’ in Your Permaculture Garden

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5 Ways to Compost In-Situ

Join me — Morag Gamble — for this in-depth one-hour free masterclass covering five simple ways to compost in your garden or ‘in-situ’.

These simple methods help you grow nutrient-dense foods to harvest from your garden.

I’m a global permaculture educator and I’ve been practising no-dig gardening for three decades, both around the world and in my own award-winning permaculture kitchen garden.

You will learn about a range of composting options, including:

  • Compost tractors
  • Worm towers
  • Chop and drop
  • Green manures
  • Trench and bokashi

With a selection of these systems integrated through your garden, you will notice such a difference in the health and vitality of your food gardens.

You can also download my free 12 Tips For a Thriving Edible Garden booklet, which accompanies this masterclass.


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