Is it Possible to Earn a Living as a Permaculture Teacher?

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Is it possible to earn a living as a permaculture teacher

Have you ever thought of becoming a permaculture teacher?

Being a permaculture teacher is a wonderfully positive and accessible way to make a difference, and contribute to the thriving of life and wellbeing of communities – opening doors to an ecological worldview.

The world needs more permaculture teachers in every community, sharing practical ways to live a one-planet way of life, design healthy human habitats that protect and restore nature, growing healthy local food, and cultivating thriving communities.

So, join this free one-hour masterclass to learn how to become a successful permaculture teacher.

Morag Gamble is the founder of the Permaculture Education Institute and teaches permaculture teachers globally through her online Permaculture Educators Program. For Morag, this has been a lifelong passion and she has taught on 5 continents over 30 years.

She dedicates every day to sharing permaculture in one way or other – often as a volunteer with youth programs, refugee communities and community gardens, but also teaching in universities, being an advisor, speaking, writing, film-making and hosting events like this free masterclass.

Woven into her daily permaculture practice, Morag has also created a successful livelihood by teaching permaculture.

People often ask Morag how they can become a teacher too and make it their ‘alivelihood’ (as opposed to ‘deadlihood’). This session draws on those questions and in preparing for this session Morag also put out a call for more topics to explore.

So many great responses were shared and Morag will address them in three core themes: ​​​​​​​

What are the opportunities for permaculture teachers? ​​​​​​

  • What does being a permaculture teacher look like?
  • Where are permaculture teachers needed?
  • Does it mean standing up in front of a class?

How do I get started?

  • What are the things I need to do before I begin?
  • What kinds of qualifications and experience do I need?
  • Where can I get mentoring and support?

How do I make a living?

  • Is it actually possible to make a ‘proper’ living from teaching permaculture?
  • How to make it work?
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