Permaculture and Unschooling with Maia Raymond

by | March 29, 2023 | Permaculture Masterclass | 0 comments

Permaculture and unschooling How did an unschooled 16yo who grew up in a rural permaculture ecovillage get accepted into Australia’s #1 university?

Join me — Morag Gamble — and my daughter, Maia Raymond (Permayouth cofounder) for this in-depth one-hour free masterclass about the unschooling journey Maia has chosen, growing up in rural permaculture ecovillage.

We have walked this journey together and learned so much along the way – from how to find new ways of making change, to creating new words (like myceliating and practivism), travelling to sustainable communities around the globe and playing around with the concept and practice of education.

Hear our stories and learn how to find ways to study/explore/play with what you (and your child) loves!

We’d love to hear your permaculture unschooling, homeschooling, worldschooling stories too.

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Morag Gamble is a global permaculture, ecovillage ambassador, speaker, educator, mentor and mother of three – all at once. She founded the Permaculture Education Institute, curates a blog and YouTube – Our Permaculture Life, leads the Ethos Foundation Charity, and hosts the Sense-Making in a Changing World Podcast, plus these monthly Permaculture Film Club and Permaculture Masterclasses. Morag also mentors Permayouth, the Ethos Fellowship (university without walls) and enjoys life in her ecovillage home.

Maia Raymond is a 16-year-old unschooled [pr]activist and permaculturalist currently studying a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy & Economics at the Australian National University in Canberra. She is passionate about looking at regenerative futures and how we can live a one-planet lifestyle – exploring how the way that we look at the world shapes how we make change. She also runs an award-winning global youth network called Permayouth which connects youth from refugee settlements to indigenous communities who care about making a meaningful difference through food sovereignty, cross-cultural conversations, sustainable livelihoods and music.


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