Episode 1: Welcome to Sense-Making in a Changing World

by | June 05, 2020 | Permaculture Education, Permaculture Podcast

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Welcome to the SENSE MAKING IN A CHANGING WORLD podcast where we explore the kind of thinking we need to navigate a positive way forward.

I’m your host Morag Gamble – permaculture educator and global ambassador, filmmaker, ecovillager, food forester, mother, [pr]activist and all round  lover of thinking, communicating and acting regeneratively.

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For a long time it has been clear to me that to shift trajectory to a thriving one planet way of life, we first need to shift our thinking. The way we perceive ourselves in relation to nature, self and community.

How do we make sense of this to know which way to turn, to know what action to focus on so our efforts are worthwhile, nourishing and towards resilience, regeneration and reconnection?

Listen to this episode:

What better way to make sense than to join together with others in open generative conversation. In this podcast I will share conversations with my friends and colleagues – people who inspire and challenge me with their way of thinking, connecting and acting. These wonderful people are thinkers, doers, activists, scholars, writers, leaders, farmers, educators – people whose work informs permaculture and spark the imagination of what a post covid, climate resilient, socially just future looks like. Their ideas and projects help us make sense in this changing world – to compost and digest, and nurture fertile ground for new ideas, connections and actions.

I cant wait to share these conversations with you. Some of the guests that will join me on this show are:

  • Fritjof Capra
  • Rosemary Morrow
  • Emma-Kate Rose
  • Satish Kumar
  • Rhonda Hetzel
  • Jason Twill
  • Amanda Cahill
  • Daniel Christian Wahl
  • Sierra Robinson

I am delighted to be launching this on World Environment Day 2020 – the 20th global celebration. I’ll be releasing a new conversation each Wednesday. Subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode.

Over the past three decades of personally making sense of the multiple crises we face,  I always return to the practical and positive world of permaculture with its ethics of earth care,  people care and fair share. It have seen first hand how adaptable and responsive it can be in all contexts from urban to rural, from refugee camps to suburbs.

This podcast is sponsored by Permaculture Education Institute and our Permaculture Educators Program.

If you prefer to watch the conversation, go to my YouTube channel – Our Permaculture Life

Sweet Potato - Eat The Roots And Shoots!

I’ll also include a transcript of each of the shows.

Feel free to share.

I’d also like to suggest you create a local conversation circle to explore the ideas shared in each show and to discuss together how this makes sense in your local community and environment.

I look forward to the pleasure of your company each week and your comments too.

Warm regards,
Morag Gamble

I acknowledge and pay respects to the Traditional owners of the land from which I am broadcasting, the Gubbi Gubbi people.

Thank you to photographer, Kate Disher Quill, for this image.


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