Homeschool in the Garden with Lucy Legan

by | December 27, 2023 | Permaculture Podcast | 1 comment

Join me this episode for an exploration into homeschooling with permaculture author-educator-activist Lucy Legan.

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I’ve interviewed Lucy before on this podcast after the release of her book ‘Planet Schooling‘, a fantastic conversation about re-conceiving what education is for, how she teaches permaculture, has created living learning centres and school gardens plus her process of writing!

Now I interview her after the release of her free eBook ‘How to Start Homeschooling Your Children‘ – a fantastic resource to approach the (sometimes daunting) journey of homeschooling.

In this conversation, we dive into everything around homeschooling – all of our stories as both professionals in permaculture & ecoliteracy education and as mothers homeschooling their children (and in Lucy’s case, grandchildren).

If you’ve ever considered homeschooling your kids or in the process, this is a must listen!

I had a wonderful time catching up with Lucy – as we said, if we lived close to each other, you’d constantly find us in each others’ gardens!

If you’re interested in helping us send a box of Lucy’s book ‘Planet Schooling’ over to the Permayouth hubs in refugee settlements in East Africa, we would appreciate any donations! Send it through the Ethos Foundation (100% goes directly to the project) and leave us a message to let us know it’s for this initiative.

One of Lucy’s great resources mentioned in the podcast is the card deck and guidebook ‘Seed to Plate‘ – an inspiration and guide to learn how to save seeds. To learn more about Lucy’s work and find more resources, check out her website –

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