How to Grow a Small-Space Kitchen Garden, the Permaculture Way

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How to grow a small-space kitchen garden

Have you only got a small space to grow food but you’d love to grow a kitchen garden with some edible plants?

Join me — Morag Gamble — for this in-depth one-hour free masterclass on creating a thriving veggie patch in tiny spaces.

Because everything we grow at home helps to reduce food miles, food waste and give us wonderful fresh, tasty and nutritious food.

For the planet

Even in a small space, there is so much food we can grow quite simply. It’s actually a very important thing to be doing as a practical and positive response to the climate emergency. All the global facts we are facing can be overwhelming, and while you alone cannot solve the world’s problems, you can make a difference in your home and community and set off positive ripple effects.

Urban agriculture, growing food in the city, is a rapidly increasing global trend that absolutely needs to happen ad what you do in your backyard can be part of this growing movement.

For you

There’s also something incredibly soul-nourishing about gardening, harvesting and sharing a meal of homegrown food. Gardening is so good for our physical and emotional well-being, and we can be growing nutritionally dense food that we can grow for ourselves and our family, right at our door.

So join me and learn some simple tips for getting the most out of your small space – to create a productive and beautiful tiny kitchen garden, that reduces your impact and increases ecological habitat too.


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