Systems Thinking, Permaculture & Sustainable Communities with Fritjof Capra

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Systems Thinking, Permaculture & Sustainable Communities, with Fritjof Capra

Join me — Morag Gamble — for a free one-hour masterclass conversation with one of the world’s major public thinkers of the last half-century: renowned author-educator-activist-physicist, Fritjof Capra Ph.D.

Over five decades, Fritjof has developed a cohesive systemic analysis of the global crises we now face, and offers clear synthesis based on leading science, of how to move toward regeneration and transition to an ecological paradigm – and permaculture is part of that description.

Humanity is facing multiple crises at a global scale. We are all acutely aware of this. Fritjof describes these as a collective ‘crisis of perception’ but that change IS possible by shifting how we see ourselves in relationship to nature and each other.

Join this special masterclass to explore how we can weave a new narrative – take a systems view of life, embrace a peaceful way of being, uplift ecoliteracy, implement ecodesign in all we do, and rethink how we live in our local communities. We are all part of the community of life.

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Who is this masterclass for?

This session is for everyone interested in the health and wellbeing of the planet, of humanity and all life – who would like to gain a clearer systemic insight into the issues we face and an interconnected approach to how to move forward – to understand the connection between regenerative practices such as permaculture and systems thinking.

About Fritjof Capra

Fritjof is a founding director of the Berkeley-based Center for Ecoliteracy, which is dedicated to advancing ecology and systems thinking in primary and secondary education. He is a Fellow of Schumacher College, an international centre for ecological studies in the UK (where Morag first met Fritjof), and he serves on the Council of the Earth Charter Initiative.

Fritjof also leads his own online course twice a year, the Capra Course, based on his book, The Systems View of Life. Each time this course is run, Morag leads a study group particularly for young leaders. Opens on Feb 21 and Sept 21 each year.


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