Designing for Water Resilience with Natalie Topa

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Designing for Water Resilience with Natalie Topa

In this free one-hour masterclass, Morag Gamble is joined by resilience design expert, Natalie Topa who shares her inspirational work in designing for water resilience in some of the most challenging situations.

There are deep lessons in what she has to share that can be adapted and applied in all different contexts.

For two decades, Natalie has been supporting communities devastated by hurricanes, drought, floods, conflict, and wars. Whether in humanitarian emergencies, recovery, or long-term development and community planning, water is at the core of human resilience.

In this presentation, Natalie takes us through work she has led in various contexts to support community and household water security – from harvesting greywater to passive water harvesting design at a catchments scale.

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You may also like to watch a short film Morag and Natalie made together about her amazing permaculture system in her apartment in Nairobi.

About Natalie Topa

Natalie is a regenerative and circular educator and designer who has worked hands-on in Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia and focused on resilience in forced displacement for almost 20 years.

She is the creator of the Sponge Village concept and a hands-on designer and advocate of passive water harvesting, soil building, agro-biodiversity recovery, indigenous food, and seed systems. Natalie is also the founder of Utopa Design and a member of United Designers International.


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